Full Body vs. Split Routine

Full Body vs. Split Routine. Which is More Effective for Muscle Growth?

By Alana Willis

When embarking on an exercise regime, we all want to achieve maximal results in a short amount of time. Thus, it is important to evaluate the way we structure our routine in order to achieve optimal results. In regards to resistance training, there are two main approaches. On one hand, a full body routine is one which favours compound movements in order to target all major muscle groups. In contrast, split routines focus on one or two body parts per session.

The bottom line is that your training split should depend on your overall goals and preferences, time commitment to training, weight lifting experience and fitness level. In my opinion, if you are committed to weight lifting 2-4 times per week and your goal is to optimise muscle functionality as well as aesthetics, a full body training routine is highly effective. Below I have outlined three key benefits of training your body as a whole. Continue reading “Full Body vs. Split Routine”

Kali Burns Q&A

If you don’t yet know much about Kali Burns, you’re in for a treat. Kali is a qualified personal trainer, fitness model and social influencer with a huge following behind her.

At just 20 years old, Kali has accumulated a wealth of wisdom and knowledge in health, fitness and mindset. However it hasn’t always been easy for Kali, who grappled with severe bullying from a young age.

In the following Q&A, Kali shares her story with Mets Analin, CEO of Titan Fitness. Here, Kali opens up about how she stays true to herself and her purpose despite facing social media pressures and negativity from others. Kali also stresses the importance of living a balanced life and offers her advice on how to achieve your fitness goals in a healthy, sustainable way.


Mets: “For those of us who don’t know you, can you please tell us a little bit about who you are and what got you started on your fitness journey?”

Kali:  “I was always active as a child. Mum put me into dance and nippers and I loved all of that. I was quite an outgoing kid but then when I got to high school, I was severely bullied to the sense where I pretty much lost who I was. To remove me from that situation, my mum moved me to a performing arts high school where I was surrounded by positive, like-minded people. This helped pick up my spirits.

Outside of school I had no focus, no friends and no direction. To keep me out of trouble mum bought me a gym membership and I was there almost every afternoon. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I enjoyed the positive, empowering environment.

From there I learnt off others. I spoke to Personal Trainers, did classes and basically transformed as a result. I was a brighter happier person and alongside that obviously came the aesthetics. I started to see my body transform and as a result found this amazing passion.” Continue reading “Kali Burns Q&A”

Conquering Your Fears: HIT100 Challenge Final Week

Titan HIIT100 Final Week Countdown By Alana Wilis

Through blood, sweat and tears, the Titan HIIT100 challengers have made it to the final week. In preparation for their final weigh in, the challengers gathered to strategize ways to combat those last, gruelling workouts. In doing so, the challengers found themselves reflecting on the triumphs and obstacles faced along the way.

All challengers who attended the seminar agree that they have progressed since day one of the program. For instance, Bianca stated:

“I can lift heavier weights upstairs and feel much fitter in the classes”.

Despite seeing astounding physical changes, the challengers acknowledge that they have reaped benefits far beyond the surface. For example, Alison noted that:

“Inside myself I just feel happier. I’ve got more energy and I’m waking up earlier.” Continue reading “Conquering Your Fears: HIT100 Challenge Final Week”

Should Male and Female Weight Training Differ?

Should Male and Female Weight Training Differ? By Alana Willis
Today, more women than ever are hitting the iron. Lifting weights has a multitude of benefits, both physically and mentally. Not only does lifting weights help to improve overall muscle appearance and function, weightlifting also enhances mood, energy levels and improves sleep quality.

The fundamental principles involved in designing a training program remain the same for both males and females. That is, a program should be goal specific, ensure progressive overload, include optimal rest and recovery, favour compound movements over isolated movements and be complimented with a nutritious diet.

However, it is no secret that males and females are distinct creatures. Gender differences arise in body composition, hormone levels as well as strength and aesthetic goals. The aim of this article is to highlight how females can use these differences to their advantage and maximise their weight training program.

It is important to acknowledge that individual differences such as genetics and training history will influence how a woman responds to a given exercise regime. Hence, these tips are aimed at achieving muscle hypertrophy and should be used as a guide to help females discover what training techniques best suit their own goals and preferences. Continue reading “Should Male and Female Weight Training Differ?”

3 Astounding Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Life

3 Astounding Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Life

 “Yoga does not remove us from the reality of everyday life but rather places our feet firmly in the practical ground of experience. We don’t transcend our lives; we return to the life we left behind in the hopes of something better.”


We are living in a world that conditions us to look outside ourselves for eternal happiness and fulfillment. Humans are creatures of habit. Like clockwork, we progress through the same patterns of thinking and behavior, rarely pausing to appreciate the present.

In our fast paced, highly connected society, it is now more important than ever to devote time to ourselves, time where we can experience the ebb and flow of our thoughts in the absence of action or judgement. It is during this time that we can relax and surrender to the astounding complexity of human nature.

Yoga provides a gateway to unlocking this inner feeling of tranquillity. To many, yoga is simply seen as a way to improve one’s strength, flexibility and posture. However the benefits of yoga transcend these. The term yoga translates to ‘union’. The primary intention of yoga is to unify the body, the mind and the breath to foster greater self-awareness, inner peace and clarity. This article outlines three astounding ways practicing yoga can transform your life.

Continue reading “3 Astounding Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Life”

Should You Skip Breakfast? Myth or Mistake?

Should You Skip Breakfast? Myth or Mistake?


For years you may have been told that breakfast is key for your health and physique.

The original thought process behind that statement was that skipping breakfast may lead to excessive eating later in the day and weight gain, along with low energy or cognitive issues.

However, when analysing the research this golden rule that you may have been led to believe isn’t so clear cut.  In fact, some of the recent research indicates the opposite of the above myth, suggesting that skipping breakfast can be a beneficial method for those who are obese and trying to lose weight, known as a dietary method called Intermittent Fasting.

Here’s a quick summary of the research:

Continue reading “Should You Skip Breakfast? Myth or Mistake?”

Protein Timing & Types

It’s pretty much a proven fact that a higher protein diet is going to help you excel in the gym, recover faster and add more muscle, while developing strength and boosting fat loss.

Despite this being pretty well known, there is still some understandable confusion around all the different types of protein, what they do and when to take them. But, fear not, today’s article is going to briefly break down the details and teach you exactly what you need to know!

Protein Types

There are several different types of protein although, despite some clever marketing tricks, there are only a few that stand out from the crowd and deserve your attention. Here’s an overview –

Whey Protein

The most famous form of protein, whey protein has deservedly earned its place at the top of the list. Whey protein has been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis to greater degrees compared to its counterparts (soy & casein) due to its high Essential Amino Acid content.

Based on the research, it is also superior for muscle growth because it is fast digesting and has a high bio availability. Also, whey protein has the largest leucine content compared to other proteins which makes it an even better choice for the elderly who require a greater amount of leucine to stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis.

Therefore, it is for these reasons that whey protein is often the protein of choice and recommended by our trainers here at Titan. For maximum gains you can add whey protein in-between meals, pre workout, as well as post workout; females should consume around 1 scoop or more and males or the elderly require 1.5 – 2 scoops.

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Benefits of Weight Training


How many of you skip the free weights thinking they are only for bodybuilders or those trying to add muscle?

If lifting weights is not a part of your weekly exercise plan this email will provide 5 major benefits of weight training (besides bigger & stronger muscles!)

1. Improved Insulin Sensitivity

In simple terms, insulin sensitivity is the body’s ability to utilize carbohydrates in a proper and efficient manner. Those with good insulin sensitivity will metabolize and store carbs in muscle cells, fueling hard workouts and recovery.

On the other hand, if you have poor insulin sensitivity they will remain in the bloodstream which can damage your cells and lead to excess fat gain. Over the long term this can lead to metabolic diseases, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Luckily, studies have shown that weight training can improve markers of insulin sensitivity in a variety of populations (Ahmadizad et al., 2014; Holten et al., 2004; Ishii et al., 1988; Hansen et al., 1998)

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Training, Injury & Rehab

By Paige Hewetson.

Have you ever injured yourself either during training or outside of training and had to endure a long road to recovery? During that time did you find yourself struggling mentally to cope with not being able to train at full capacity?

I’ve recently found myself on the come back from an injury. I partially dislocated my knee playing Oztag, and due to my Scoliosis, threw my upper back out in the process.

I was hoping for a 2 week recovery but this gradually turned into 8 weeks. During that time anything which involved high impact pressure on my legs or movement of my right arm, upper back or shoulder caused excruciating pain. I was restricted to very light body weight exercises to allow my body time to heal and to prevent muscle loss .

Aside from the physical pain I was dealing with, the biggest predisposition was the effect it had on my mental health. Going from training sometimes 2 times a day at high intensity, to low intensity and with restricted movement, sent me into a period of low moods, low energy and low motivation. Rather than accepting my body’s current state of existence, I found myself caught in resistance and frustration.

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