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2 reasons why being calm creates confidence

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Spend any amount of time with a CEO of a successful company and you’ll witness first-hand how significant the link is between calmness and confidence. In order to make mediated and calculated decisions. You need to be calm. And in order to be calm, you need to be confident in yourself and your choices. I […]

How to activate your glutes with resistance bands

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Not firing up your glutes is like trying to drive a car without the engine switched on. You may be doing exactly the right things. But without those glutes activated, you will not effectively gain muscle mass. Simple as that. Muscle activation is essentially getting the muscles ready and ‘turned on’ to allow optimal results […]

The ultimate guide for gym newbies

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One important thing to remember is that we’ve all most definitely been there… You’re fresh from signing up and walking around your new gym. When a feeling of dread sets in as you realise most of this equipment you have never seen before. Let alone have any idea how to use! This is followed by […]

How To Track Progress

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There are a number of ways to track progress – the scales is one way to do so, but people often get held up on that number they see between their toes, so while it is one tool we use, don’t let it be your only measure of success. Progress Photos I’m starting with photos […]

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Kali Burns Q&A

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If you don’t yet know much about Kali Burns, you’re in for a treat. Kali is a qualified personal trainer, fitness model and social influencer with a huge following behind her. At just 20 years old, Kali has accumulated a wealth of wisdom and knowledge in health, fitness and mindset. However it hasn’t always been […]