It’s that time of year. Between work Christmas parties, Christmas lunch and New Year’s Eve, avoiding a belly like Santa’s can be tough. Consequently, the average Australian gains 3-5 kilos over the Christmas period.

To avoid this happening to you, follow these 3 simple strategies.

#1. Choose the lesser of two evils

Come Christmas day, many of us will be surrounded by delicious food options. Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. Christmas day should be enjoyed without feeling guilty for indulging a little.

In fact, restricting yourself can be counterproductive as it increases the likelihood that you will binge later.

When it comes to Christmas indulgences, some are far better than others. Try swapping a big serving of baked potatoes with a tasty salad instead.

Or when dessert comes out, fill half your plate with fresh fruit and have a smaller slice of Christmas cake.

#2. Use leftovers wisely

Christmas lunch is (thankfully) done and dusted for another year. On the flip side, your fridge is now overflowing with leftovers. Save eating unwanted calories by transforming your hearty Christmas feast into healthy leftovers.

For example, you could create a lean turkey and vegetable soup instead of opting for a high carb turkey roll. Check out the recipe here!

Likewise, you could use your leftover ham to create a healthy, low carb pizza instead of tossing it through pasta. Click here to see this tasty recipe.

#3. Undo the damage by adding one extra item to your wish list

Ok, so Christmas was a bit of a disaster. Maybe you had a bit too much wine, or you didn’t want to offend your mother in law by turning down her Christmas pie.

Don’t stress, Titan Fitness have got you covered! Make sure to register for our 2018 Beach Body Challenges. You’ll return back to your post silly season weight in no time.

Chances are you’ll look and feel even better. Check out our transformation success stories for a bit of inspiration.

Written by Alana Willis

Alana is a qualified Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping others become fitter, stronger and more confident versions of themselves.

Alana has studied numerous subjects at the University of Sydney including anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, psychology and nutrition. Hence, her past education and love for science ensures that she continues to critically analyses her training approach.

This gives her an edge in training clients using both current and evidence based techniques which are tailored to your individual needs and GUARANTEE results.

Contact Alana today on Facebook and Instagram or directly via mobile on 0400 681 528 for a FREE training session to discover what you need to do to master your goals.

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