Titan Fitness is owned by 3 local Sydney boys, Murat, Mets and Danny.  In 2009 the journey began as a small single level facility and has now grown into 4 outstanding levels!

Our mission is to create the best version of our members, our team and ultimately, our community.  Through your fitness journey with we endeavour to help educate our members and community through multiple platforms to recognise their inherent genius, beauty and true self-worth.  We are passionate and truly believe in creating an environment and culture where like minded people can connect and have a positive impact far beyond as individuals.  Titan Fitness isn't just just a fitness centre it's a way of life you deserve.

A note from Murat, Mets & Danny:

Our mission is to forever develop and grow the Staff and Members. Being at the forefront of the Fitness Industry gives us the opportunity to educate and connect with fitness individuals all around the world. Having such a positive impact on so many peoples lives is the most rewarding part of it all!