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40 Day Beach Body Challenge

Are you ready for a new challenge?  Get fit and lose fat in ONLY 40 days?

This BBC40 challenge is designed to rejuvenate, revive and remodel your gut, mind & body!


What to Expect:

  • FEEL full of energy & shed the winter fat
  • Easy to follow day by day nutrition plan that will cleanse your body and REDUCE YOUR WAISTLINE
  • Increase in strength & knowledge on the weights floor from your experienced Titan Personal Trainers
  • Proof of your results with before & after EVOLT Body Composition Scans
  • Gain knowledge on how to make nutritious meals to support your training & busy lifestyle
  • Be a part of a community and train with LIKE MINDED PEOPLE also working to make a change in themselves
  • 24/7 Online Support Group in a private Facebook group so you can share ideas, recipes and training with other challenge members


What’s included in your BBC40 Program:


With our 40 day progressive training plan there is 24/7 online support in a private group. Once a week there is a technique session to help guide through any issues that you struggle with making sure you are creating the body you have dreamed of.  Each week there will be a boot camp that will have you making friends while doing burpees and push ups. The boot camps are so much fun and really build a strong community plus will include a brief motivation and education session that will help make sure your training is on track!

  • Day by Day progressive training plan and diary for strength & cardio
  • Weekly technique sessions with your trainers to ensure you’re performing the exercises
  • Receive Before & After EVOLT Body Scans and measurements to keep you accountable and to help you set your goals


For the first time ever we have paired up with The Diet Doctor Moodi Dennaoui  to give you the best tips and educational advice on creating that summer body!  Moodi will be holding an info session and nutrition seminar to help your understanding on nutrition to fuel your body CORRECTLY for results, plus answer any questions you might have on Thursday 25th August @6:45pm.

  • Easy to follow day by day Nutrition Plan and food list
  • Recipe ideas
  • Option of Moodi’s pre-prepared meals to ensure you stay on track and for convenience



This is our favorite part, getting together with a group of people with the same purpose of digging down deep and sweating it out together in order to MAKE THE CHANGE!

  • Join the private Facebook Group where you can ask any questions to your trainers as well as share your experiences and recipes with fellow challenge members
  • Ongoing 24/7  support from your trainers and the entire Titan Team to make sure you are getting results
  • Ongoing how-to and motivational videos and photos from your Transformation Team: Jazmin, Mets & Moodi
  • Educational and Motivational Seminars to help you overcome barriers and to transform your mindset for success.

“The support group was brilliant. Especially on the days you felt that it was tough. You could chat to others and also get some advice or even just some ideas for sprucing up your food.
The first 3 days were a little tough but once you get through them you can start to see the benefits and feel them!” Sarah

Now are you ready to transform your body in only 40 days?!

MEMBER  only $199

NON-MEMBER  only $299 (Includes full access tot he club for 40 days)

**This challenge is now progress from August 28th, stay tuned for our next BBC6 starting October 16th!**

Contact us on (02) 9665 4058 for any further questions or simply join below!

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