Do you need motivation after Xmas ? set Goals for 2018 ?  Time Poor ??

Then this 21 Day Group Fitness HIIT series is the perfect solution. STARTS MONDAY 29TH JAN 2018

What to Expect:

  • FEEL full of energy & shed the Xmas Kilos
  • Easy to follow nutrition & recommended food guide that will accelerate your results and REDUCE YOUR WAISTLINE
  • Be a part of a Group Fitness social community and train with LIKE MINDED PEOPLE also working to make a change in themselves
  • Improve: Strength, cardio, agility, balance, flexibility & mindfulness with over 150 class options and 3 group fitness studios!
  • Proof of your results with before & after Girth measurements
  • Gain knowledge on how to make nutritious meals to support your training & busy lifestyle
  • Gain knowledge on which Titan classes best suit your goals & your lifestyle
  • Private Facebook group so you can share ideas, recipes & class ideas/experiences with other challenge members

     PRIZE TO  BE WON FOR = <—

What’s included in your 21 Day Hiit Series Challenge


  • You will be provided with your own scorecard that is kept at reception and stamped when you complete a class
  • Classes will be scored differently with some earning you more points, so you will be provided with a points guide relating to the current timetable


  • Easy to follow 21 day Nutrition Plan
  • Recipe ideas


Group Fitness is one of the most social and fun parts of the club as everyone sweats it out together in a high energy studio!  Really, it’s all about getting together with a group of people (we call them Titan TRIBES!) with the same purpose of digging down deep and sweating it out together in order to MAKE THE CHANGE!

  • Join the private Facebook Group where you can ask any questions to your trainers as well as share your class experiences and recipes with fellow challenge members
  • Ongoing 24/7  support from the entire Titan Team to make sure you’re getting results
  • Ongoing educational and motivational videos and messages from your Group Fitness Instructors

Now are you ready to HAVE FUN while transforming your body & mind in only 21 days?!

MEMBER  only $69 

Includes Girth measurements start and finish

NON-MEMBER  only $149 (Includes full access to the club for 21 days)

Includes : Girth Measurements  start & finish

Contact us on (02) 9665 4058 for any further questions or simply join below!

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