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Survival of the Titans

Do you want to lose fat, increase your metabolism and get BEACH BODY READY?  Do you want to change your routine, receive advice and support from a qualified Personal Trainer and START GETTING RESULTS?

If you answered yes to any of the above then NOW is the time to make a promise to yourself and a commitment to a team to dedicate the next  8 weeks to focusing on your health, your fitness, and yourself.

You are going to be a part of a team who will help drive you to the finish and support you all the way through this 8 week course of healthy eating and following our training plans to the absolute best and your ability!

NON-MEMBER Challenge Valued at over $1125 for only $449
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Start your own transformation TODAY!  Contact us on (02) 9665 4058 or simply join below.


This program has already been completed. View our current challenge here. Starting July 10!

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Success Stories

  • An easy-to-follow day by day training plan
  • An easy-to-follow day by day nutrition plan
  • Delicious and simple recipes
  • Weekly TRIBE meetings and training sessions with your Personal Trainer and your team
  • Motivation and information seminars
  • Ongoing support from your team members and online forum for Q&A
  • Weekly assisted exercise technique sessions
  • Before and after measurements and photos using the EVOLT Body Scan

Everyone! All fitness levels and abilities will benefit from this 6 Week Program which is designed to kick-start your metabolism, assist with rapid fat loss and give you the team support you need to transform you body and mind.

“Thank you for all your support…this challenge as transformed my mindset as well as my body, I’m so grateful”

“A really big thank you for organising and supporting this. It was good to have a path to follow going forward. The challenge really exceeded my expectations and hope. Thank you!”

“The challenge gave me the kick start that I really needed to start thinking differently about my exercise and nutrition, it stopped me making excuses. The trainers and fellow challengers are what kept me going and helped to push me forward as I knew I was accountable to them as well as myself! I’m really happy with my results but know that this is just the first step in the right direction!! Thanks for all your support- your advice and encouragement has been invaluable”