Should You Skip Breakfast? Myth or Mistake?


For years you may have been told that breakfast is key for your health and physique.

The original thought process behind that statement was that skipping breakfast may lead to excessive eating later in the day and weight gain, along with low energy or cognitive issues.

However, when analysing the research this golden rule that you may have been led to believe isn’t so clear cut.  In fact, some of the recent research indicates the opposite of the above myth, suggesting that skipping breakfast can be a beneficial method for those who are obese and trying to lose weight, known as a dietary method called Intermittent Fasting.

Here’s a quick summary of the research:

A person who eats breakfast will eat less at lunch or later throughout the day. While this is true, many of these statements do not consider total daily calorie intake which is a key factor in weight loss. Considering this, while you may eat more at lunch after skipping breakfast your total daily calorie intake is often actually lower, which can yield greater fat loss over the long-term.

Not only is it a good method to lose weight (for some people at least), other research shows it can improve markers of health such as blood sugar levels and insulin function.

So are we telling you to now skip breakfast? Absolutely not. Quite simply, the answer depends on your goal, preference, life style and other factors.

For the majority of intermittent fasters the “skipping breakfast” method works great and if you have been force feeding yourself breakfast because you thought it was key then maybe it is time to try something new.

However, there are times and circumstances when breakfast is important, remember, it depends on your goals, physiology and many other factors. Here’s a few reasons you may want to eat breakfast:

1.    You train in the and need the energy and nutrients to maximize your workout.

2.    You lose weight easily or are classed as a ‘hard gainer’.

3.    Your main goal is to build muscle and want to maximize muscle protein synthesis at multiple times per day.

4.    Quite simply, you love breakfast, it’s part of your lifestyle and you do not function as well without it.

As you can see, there are pro’s and con’s for breakfast. If you are trying to lose fat then skipping breakfast may be an easy method to reduce total daily calorie intake. In contrast, if you are a hard gainer or trying to maximize muscle growth then breakfast may be an important meal after an overnight fast.

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