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Certificate III & IV Fitness

Strength and Conditioning Lv 1 – ASCA

Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment Certificate

Fascia Release and Foam Roller Certificate

Injury Rehab Trainer Lv 1

Post Natal Abdominal Rehabilitation

Pre & Post Natal

Suspension Training Lv 1

Boxing Lv 2

Kettlebell Instructor Lv2

Mountain trekking & altitude fitness experience


I believe there is more to fitness than just looking good. My career as a trainer has taken me on a long journey to reach such a conclusion. With this belief in mind, I’ve had many years’ experience working with clients to help them overcome a whole range of challenges they have faced in their training and with their fitness goals.

As a coach, it is my objective to provide quality training sessions tailored to you and your personal goals, whatever they may be.  There is no limit to what you can set out to achieve for yourself, whether it be extreme personal goals, sport related conditioning or aesthetic achievements. It is also a main priority to help you focus on what you are capable of achieving rather than simply how you look. By establishing a positive relationship with yourself and your body, your relationship with fitness will change too as you learn to love your body and recognise your achievements.

Together we set out to push you beyond the limits previously set for yourself, beyond the beliefs previously held of yourself and beyond the boundaries of the capabilities you once thought you had.



Summited Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa) in 2015

Trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp (Nepal) in 2017

Successfully prepared, trained and sent 3 teams to trek to Everest Base Camp

Successfully prepared, trained and sent 2 teams to trek to Mt Kilimanjaro

Successfully prepared, trainer and completed Tough Mudder with 2 teams


Mountain trekking programming and training

Postural Analysis and Corrective Movement Programming

Strength & Conditioning

Holistic approach to Wellness and Fitness

Nutrition Programming & Reverse Dieting

Injury & Rehab

Pre & Post Natal training and rehabilitation

Results based training