Qualifications & Experience:
– CIII in Fitness
– CIV in Fitness
– Boutagy Fitness Institute – Level 1 GPP Theory
– Boutagy Fitness Institute – Level 1 GPP Coaching
– Senior First Aid & CPR
– Creator of #BOOTYSCIENCE Seminar

Areas of Expertise:
– Build Strength & Conditioning
– Lean Muscle Gain (Hypertrophy)
– Fat Loss
– Cardiovascular Conditioning
– Postural Alignment Programming
– Functional Movement & Training Techniques
– Movement Rehabilitation
– Strength & Hypertrophy for the Female Body

Having spent over 8 years involved in a variety of individual & team sports, as well as an abundance of academic tuition lead by some of the foremost mentors in the fitness industry, I have acquired knowledge & experience that has been trialed & tested time & time again to assure that my clients are getting the highest quality of coaching.

I believe in educating to create habits, & turning weaknesses into strengths.

My philosophy involves identifying & correcting imbalances & areas of weakness; as well as educating my clients about the intention of progressing correctly throughout a movement to promote progression and longevity in their results.

I have worked with all walks of life, heard every excuse in the book & have still managed to positively impact a multitude of people who have come to me seeking guidance.

I believe training is not only about your end goal, but enjoying the process & having fun every step of the way. Whether your goal is to feel great naked, gain muscle mass, lose body fat or all of the above, I have the experience, proficiency, & systems in place to get you there.

Be the reason you want to wake up in the morning. Be your own motivation. Be your own damn inspiration.


– If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it