Have you ever paid for the services of your own Personal Trainer or Coach? Or have you never considered having one because you don’t see the point?

There are many benefits to training under the guidance of a Trainer. I believe, that until you’ve had one yourself, you never truly understand just how much of a positive impact & effect they can have on your training.

Committing yourself to anything requires that you first be interested in the thing in question, and that there is a clear reward or return of the investment in your time, money and energy.

Work, family time, entertainment- these areas are easy to justify what you’re willing to put in, based on the obvious reward; but what about truly investing in your self? What rewards do you consider when it comes to deciding to make better choices and take charge in your life? More importantly, what are you willing to sacrifice, to apply yourself to, in order to create a more positive version of yourself?

Investing in the service of a Personal Trainer, first and foremost means having someone outside of yourself to help keep you accountable. It’s easy for people in your life to allow you to have a day off from training, day after day after day.

Once you’re paying someone for their time, they have an obligation to you to make sure you show up, and put in the work required in each session.

This isn’t to say that you can rely on them to get you out of bed, or to get you to the gym, or to make healthier eating choices. Only you can take action. Only you can follow through.

A Personal Trainer acts as the guidepost that asks you why you started, and helps you reassess and redirect every time you make a breakthrough, or find yourself struggling.

A Personal Trainer is there to share their knowledge with you, to empower you, and give you support & motivation on the days you can’t give it to yourself.

A Personal Trainer will help you develop movement, flexibility, strength, execution of skills, & the correct technique to help reduce injury, & improve body functionality.

Having someone develop a personal training program specific to your goals & needs, allows you to simply show up & put in the work. It takes away the need to think about anything other than effort and energy.

I myself have had a Personal Trainer for the past 10 years. In that time, I have had periods where I was without one, and left to my own accord.

These were the times I struggled most.

Having a Personal Trainer allows you to build confidence in yourself, to network, and to overcome barriers you have created in your own mind.


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By Paige Hewetson

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