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Through blood, sweat and tears, the Titan HIIT100 challengers have made it to the final week. In preparation for their final weigh in, the challengers gathered to strategize ways to combat those last, gruelling workouts. In doing so, the challengers found themselves reflecting on the triumphs and obstacles faced along the way.

All challengers who attended the seminar agree that they have progressed since day one of the program. For instance, Bianca stated: “I can lift heavier weights upstairs and feel much fitter in the classes”.

Despite seeing astounding physical changes, the challengers acknowledge that they have reaped benefits far beyond the surface. For example, Alison noted that: “Inside myself I just feel happier. I’ve got more energy and I’m waking up earlier.”

Throughout the journey, several of the challengers encountered roadblocks. The first obstacle faced by many was gaining the courage to enter the weights room. Before the program, the free-weights area was untrodden ground for a number of the challengers. Many felt unsure of how to perform particular exercises and feared being judged by others. The team benefited greatly from the ‘how to’ videos which demonstrated each workout routine. Likewise, the team agree that having support from others helped them to conquer their fear of the weights area.

“It was nice seeing others with the HIIT100 book in the weights room. If we were unsure of an exercise, we could easily help each other out. I now know more people around the gym and enjoy seeing familiar faces”.

Furthermore, several challengers admit that the hardest part of the program was sticking to the diet. For instance, Gigi struggled with eating according to the plan during social gatherings. However, Gigi and the other challengers recognise that going through the six weeks as a team made the process easier.

“We all had to go through the Easter long weekend and Anzac Day together. We were constantly posting motivational tips on Facebook to help each other stay on track.”

Similarly, the challengers benefited from having a structured program which detailed their daily exercise and nutrition regime. Sophie loved this aspect as it suited her personality.

“I work well with structure. If it’s written down, I’m more likely to stick to it”.

Likewise, Alison stated that:

“I went away for a big holiday in December and January and I was finding it very hard to get back into routine. Having a program in place helped to keep me organised and on track.”

During the seminar, it became evident to Mets, Director of Titan Fitness, that many of the challengers were being highly critical of themselves and focusing their attention on what they could improve on. To help set the challengers in the right mindset for the concluding week, Mets emphasised the importance of perspective.

“Everyone wants these massive wins, but the important thing is to focus on wins at the micro level.”

Mets highlighted the importance of paying attention to the things that go right throughout the day. Many of us are programmed to focus on the negatives, but staying in this state won’t help us accomplish what we desire.

“It doesn’t matter what goes wrong during the day. As long as you have one win you should be happy.”

Despite coming from different backgrounds, life stages and fitness levels, every single challenger said they enjoyed the program immensely. A number of the contenders have even signed up for the next challenge being held at Titan Fitness.

If you are new to training, have hit a plateau in your performance or just want to push yourself, I highly recommend you sign up for the 40 day Body Blitz Challenge, commencing on Monday, May 22. This challenge encompasses a 40 day nutrition and high intensity exercise regime, coupled with online support and motivational seminars. For more information, call us on 9665 4058 or inquire at reception. Spaces are limited, so make sure you book your spot in advance.

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