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Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself and how your passion for fitness developed?

My name is Cat (which is short for Catherine). I am a Coogee local living the dream with my fiancé Robert and our menagerie of animals. I first joined Titan Fitness as a member way back when they first opened and it was the trainers who worked here who inspired me to become a PT. I even did my hours as a PT student here 5 years ago! 

When I first started training nearly 10 years ago I use to be scared of the weights section, coming to the gym to only use the cardio equipment and do Pilates or Yoga. But with the right advice, guidance and education I fast learnt that the human body is capable of so much and I started to challenge that fact.

From aesthetic goals to physical goals, I have tested my capacity and each time I amaze myself at what the human body is capable of. 

What is your training philosophy and what is the reason you train?

My philosophy for training is simple, love your body. Love it for what it can do, challenge it and love that it steps up to the challenge, love that you can train it to do pretty much anything at all and love that you are in charge of your body so you should treat it with respect and make it strong. 

I train because I love to challenge myself, I love feeling strong and being able to do some pretty bad-ass stuff. I also train because I am addicted to the endorphin rush post workout, I always go 100% in my workouts so I know when I leave I will get that happy feeling. I stopped training to look good a long time ago, and since then I have been in the best shape of my life. The body responds to how you speak to it, so be kind.

When you approach a new client, what is the first thing you do in order to assess their needs and ensure you help them reach their goals?

I am all about building a solid foundation with my new clients, doing a postural and movement analysis is the first thing I do. I always give ‘homework’ in the forms of corrective exercises, fixing any imbalances and strengthening any inactive muscle groups. 

From there I make sure they are educated on using the foam roller and usually re-train the squat pattern. Without a solid foundation people just retrain poor movement patterns which results only in injury or lack of results. 

From there the fun really begins where each session my clients progresses fast towards their goals (as long as they’re doing their homework!!!) 

In your opinion, what training method is most effective for loosing weight? If someone had the goal to loose 5 kg by summer, what training split would you put them on?

Step one: eat less sh*t! Once the 2 bottles of wine and bag of chips are taken care of, the training system I would recommend would entirely depend on what the client likes, what they are currently doing, injuries, limitations etc. 

I personally am not a big fan of a ‘weights & cardio’ split in a bodybuilding sense. My preference is to get them doing the big compound lifts such as deadlifts, squat and then add in some more complex movements such as overhead squats and pull ups. 

The cardio component would be from a high intensity workout. I like to push my clients harder than they’ve been pushed before making use of all the fun toys in the Underground. 

What is the biggest mistake you see people make when they’re new to training and what advice would you give to help beginners avoid this?

Being afraid to ask for help or guidance from a trainer on the gym floor. Believe it or not all of us trainers are here to help you, we are actually a really friendly bunch and would love to show you how to use a certain machine or give you some advice. 

I understand how intimidating the gym can be, but we were all beginners once and we all want your fitness journey to be a positive one. So take out your ear phones and say hello, we won’t bite I promise! 

Let’s end on a fun one: what is your biggest pet peeve in the gym?

People who don’t unstack their weights from the machines or barbell! Oh my goodness I have been known to loose my bananas at people who walk away from a machine with over 100kgs left on it. 

Hot tip – don’t do it around me because I will embarrass you by grumbling at you until you go back to unpack it. 

Where can people go to contact you and find out more about you?

I have a website www.coachcat.com.au as well as Instagram _coach_cat

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