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“Titan Fitness has helped me overcome obstacles and has given me the strength and courage to take on any challenge. It has given me a sense of belonging and purpose far beyond anything I believed was possible. When your why is bigger than you it gives you the discipline and drive you need to make an impact in life.” Mets Analin, CEO of Titan Fitness

Today I sat down with Mets Analin, the CEO of Titan Fitness to discover how Titan Fitness has changed his life. Following are a few snippets from our conversation.

What is the core value of Titan?

“The core value of Titan is Family and with family belonging comes safety. Being part of something bigger than yourself gives you confidence and a stronger sense of self. We’ve always had the belief that if you create the right culture and nurture it through its life cycle, you will attract members who not only feel at home but have the same, common value system.”

How important is it to give value to your members?

“Giving the right value is extremely important. What I mean by that is that people want to be empowered. They want to have a sense of purpose where they feel they have the power to help others. We realise that behavioural patterns in society are constantly evolving and what we do at Titan is advance and stay relevant. I believe that is the reason we are at the forefront of health and fitness.”

What’s the next step for Titan?

“Our next step is to create content that is specific to different groups in the club. We decided that creating tribes would help us connect better with our members’ goals and interests. One of the biggest challenges we faced was sending inspirational and educational content to our members that wouldn’t necessarily resonate with them. So creating a Spin, Strength, HIIT, Holistic, Group Fitness, Prime Movers and Mums&Bubs Tribe made perfect sense. This way we could cater to all our members, giving them something that’s relevant to their goals. I feel that inspiring and educating a member throughout their fitness journey creates a loyal, happy member.”

Why is it important to add value to your team?

“Giving value to my staff is everything to me. A successful business all starts and ends with the team. Without a strong team and culture you can’t have a solid backbone that can help service the member experience. I’ve always believed the more you put in with your team and the more confidence you give them, the return in fulfilment is far greater. One of the things that’s worked well for us is putting together a self-development plan which helps and keeps the team accountable to continually develop. At Titan Fitness we are forever learning and forever growing.”⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣