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It doesn’t have to be a new year, new month or even a new week to give you the motivation to make a change. Every day is a new chance to take a step in the right direction towards your goals. Don’t wait for Monday, act now!

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they have a huge long list of changes they’re going to make and goals to reach but no plan of action and check in steps along the way. From the second we write them down we’re setting ourselves up for failure unless we have a proper structured plan in place. If you were going on a road trip to somewhere you hadn’t been before would you just jump in the car and say I’m off to X destination? No! You’d research how to get there, how long it would take to get there, plan pit stops along the way etc. So why treat a goal any differently? We want to get from where we are now to a particular destination and we can’t get there without a proper plan in place and a number of check in points along the way to ensure all is on the right route.

Here are some of our top tips for setting goals and achieving them.

We need to set our destination

This not only gives us direction, but it is also a good benchmark to determine success. This goal needs to be something that motivates you. It has to be something that you want to achieve and that will add value to your life. If you aren’t motivated to achieve this goal then you won’t. Why do you want this? What benefits will it bring? Focus on why you want it and how you’ll feel when you achieve it and you’ll be a lot more motivated along the journey!

Goals need to be SMART

SMART goals are ones that are:
Specific - You need to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve and why you want to achieve it. E.g. Be able to run 5km in less then 30min.

Measurable - Goals must be measurable so you can track your progress and stay motivated. This is how you will know you’ve achieved it. E.g. Being able to first run 5km and then reducing the time it takes to run the distance to under 30min.

Achievable - The goal must be realistic and attainable. It must push your abilities but also be something that is possible to achieve. Aim high, but not unrealistically high.

Relevant - The goal must matter to you. You may need help to achieve your goal but ultimately it must seem worthwhile and you must be able to achieve it at this point in your life. E.g. You must want to be able to run 5km in less then 30min.

Timed - Every goal needs a deadline. Something to work towards and ensures that you keep on track to achieve it. E.g. Register for a race.

Write your goals down

If you write down your goals, you’re 42% more likely to achieve them! Look at your goals every day and don’t stop thinking about them. Also, when writing them down, frame them positively. Don’t say I would like to run 5km in under 30min. Write down I WILL run 5km in under 30min by a certain date. This way you’re setting yourself up for success from the start.

Create an action plan

You also need a to do list or action plan written out. Steps and mini milestones that you follow to get you to your goal and the milestones will help to keep you motivated by celebrating little wins along the way.

Setting out mini goals and milestones along the way will help you stay accountable. Each one you reach and tick off along the way will bring you one step closer to hitting your big goal. Keep referencing back to your goals and your action plan and reassess and change as you go. Don’t stop when you get there, keep going, keep pushing yourself. Always aim to be 1% better then yesterday! Either maintain or improve on where you are.

Just start

It doesn’t have to be a Monday, or a new week, or a new month to set a goal. It just takes taking that first step in the right direction. Every small step in the right direction is a win and bringing you one step closer to where you want to be! So don’t wait for Monday or tomorrow. Take action now!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣