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The countdown to the 6 week Beach Body program has begun. On July 10, the challengers will embark on a journey to becoming leaner, fitter and healthier versions of themselves. Don’t worry, there’s still time to sign up! You are just one click away from achieving fitness results you never imagined.

To find out how the contenders of our last challenge are going, I caught up with Personal Trainer and program coordinator, Marion Bernhole. Coupled with this, Marion and I discussed the benefits of completing a fitness challenge. Following are a few snippets from our conversation.

The 40 Day Body Blitz challengers have their final weigh in coming up in two weeks. How are they finding the program so far?

They are all loving it! They have found that committing themselves to the training and nutrition guide has helped them achieve profound physical benefits. The challengers are getting stronger every week. I can’t wait to see the results from the final weigh in!

Not only have the challengers transformed their bodies, they have also learnt so much about training and nutrition. Their regime has become part of their lifestyle which is something I really aim to emphasise. The challengers have also become great friends and they all now have training buddies! Training with a friend is a great motivator, helping to further propel results.

Titan Fitness challenges are not only about reaping physical benefits. They also educate members about nutrition, training and mindset. How do Titan Fitness challenges incorporate that?

Firstly, Challengers receive ‘how to’ videos which detail how to perform each exercise with correct technique. Secondly, the programs incorporates motivational and educational seminars. These seminars teach challengers how to create the mindset needed to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Coupled with this, the Titan fitness challenges focus on helping members achieve a more holistic lifestyle. I addition to training and nutrition, the challenges incorporate yoga and meditation. These practices help to improve overall health and longevity.

If someone has hit a plateau in their training and motivation, how can joining a challenge such as this one help them get through that?

Joining a challenge such as this helps members overcome training plateaus by providing variety. Your body becomes accustomed to what you put it through. Therefore individuals should be mixing up their training every 4-6 weeks. Titan Fitness challenges are a great way to shock the body. Likewise, having a program which incorporates before and after body measurements helps to keep challengers accountable. This in turn helps to propel them towards achieving their goals. Finally, being part of a group who are all going through the same program provides great motivation.

What is the greatest transformation you have seen to date from these challenges?

The winner from the last challenge, Ellen, has by far been the greatest transformation I’ve witnessed. Ellen lost a whopping 10.7 kg and 5.2% body fat. Not only did we see immense physical changes, Ellen came out the other end with a new found confidence that she can conquer anything she sets her mind to. Below are a few transformations we’ve witnessed from our challenges.

Can anyone join this challenges regardless of factors such as age, fitness level and training history?

Absolutely! Everyone can do it. The beauty of these challenges is that you can make the workout as hard as you like by increasing the weight load. In addition, those who are new to training can view ‘how to’ videos which demonstrate how to perform each workout with correct technique. Furthermore, Titan staff are always happy to help out with any questions a challenger has. Likewise, many of the challengers make training buddies, which is another great way to learn the movements.

What support is available from personal trainers throughout the challenge?

There is a multitude of support available throughout the challenge. A Facebook group will be created where challengers can ask questions and get immediate answers. In addition, the Titan staff are all available to help with exercise instruction at any time. There will also be motivational and educational seminars where challengers can get any further support they need.

To find out more about the 6 week Beach Body Challenge call us on 9665 4058.

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