[0:20] Behind every great man is a great woman

[1:15] We’re super excited to be here, usually on our podcast we talk about our guests so we’re excited to talk about our story.

[2:40] Without Jade I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

[3:30] You name it, all the bad stuff has happened to me. I wouldn’t of been able to get through it without Jade my wife.

[4:00] two is better than one

[4:55] Zah is on every single day, even when he’s ill he’s on.

[5:43] whatever he wants to do or dream, I’m here to support him.

[10:25] In the heat of the moment I just listen.

[12:15] one thing we’ve worked on is to remove emotion from critical reason.

[18:50] Ever since growth con you’ve gone to another level.

[19:54] we strive for perfection in our rituals

[22:20] I wake up every day excited about life

[26:06] I have ice cold showers every morning

[32:22] We are very close and we have been the same since day one.

[34:00] When we did find success, we found it hard to deal with that. People will turning their backs on us.

[36:45] We seek the haters

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