[1:45] “When I enrolled to be a clearance diver I was surfing all of my life and played nearly every sport.”

[3:20] “They tell you it’s hard and to have a back up plan.”

[4:35] “The initial part of becoming a clearance diver is the selection test, it goes for 10 days. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

[6:20] “I was putting so much in I past out doing a PT session, I thought I was done.”

[8:10] “We started my selection with 32, by day 5 we only had 12.”

[12:50] “It’s definitely not only discipline but mental toughness.”

[15:30] “Everything you’re saying is in business.”

[17:02] “I’ve never been on a dive that’s been the same.”

[20:20] “The navy has given me the confidence to be a leader.”

[28:00] “I like to be good at everything, the king of all trades the Jack of none. The complete opposite to what everyone else thinks.”

[34:34] “Whatever your problem is whatever started the fire, if you use the fuel you’ll burn out.”

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