[1:30] “I’ve impressed myself to see I’m going to smash my goal.”

[2:15] “Programs like this that provide accountability on both sides, I’m paying for a service and that’s got to deliver the product that I want.”

[4:05] “I have two little kids and the person who’s supported me the most through this is my wife.”

[4:45] “Everyone has those weekends where friends come over or you have a client function and it’s a matter of saying I’m not going to let one night set me back.”  

M [8:15] “When you give so much you need the isolation for yourself.” 

M [9:00] “The only thing we can control is our breathing.”

[16:15] “I was talking to another member and even though they do a spin session and even though there is all that noise in that chaos, they can still find the stillness and clarity for themselves.”

[20:00] “My perception of the gym was that this place is only for elite athletes but now I understand everyone is the same.”

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