Mets chats to Pete Johnson from Evolt Body Scan about the significance of the everything moving towards technology and how the Evolt Body Scan transforms people's lives as well as educating them about their own body composition.


[3:40] “Our main goal is to help and we want people to understand education around body composition changes and one of those big changes is macro-nutrient profiling”

[4:11] “Education is everything, if you can educate someone on their body to make correct changes, you will get better results”

[6:27] “A lot of people out there believe the less we eat and the more you train, you’re going to lose fat faster. It’s actually quite the opposite”

[7:59] The machine still blows me away till this day”

[17:09] In essence, if you miss macros or if you don’t eat enough, you’re walking that fine line”


[3:22] Pete chats about Evolt’s main purpose which is to provide education and insight for individuals about their body composition.

[4:12] Pete discusses how Evolt is always updating and transforming their scanner in order to provide the most accurate and scientific results and to keep up with the times.

[4:50] Mets and Pete discuss the importance and dangers of visceral fat levels and how Evolt Body Scan gives the individual the ability to measure and control it.

[10:01] Pete chats how Evolt, unlike other apps, takes into account more scientific results from the scan to create macros for a particular body composition.

[14:14] Pete discusses the research that has gone into the creation of the Evolt Machine.

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