Mets meets Oscar and Angus from HYPERPERFORMANCE Podcast to discuss their shared passion in the world of podcasting.


[3:30] “Everyone should try podcasting”

[11:40] “New York is the best city to be winning, but when you’re losing the people and media just slam you” [17:39] “You’d be surprised who would have the time for you if you just hustle a bit and point the mic out”

[36:32] “Seeing our dad hustle so hard so we could have those opportunities. One I’m grateful for, two it also scared me off doing a sales job”

[41:03] “In the internet age, self-awareness is such an important attribute to have”


[2:30] Oscar and Angus explain how they started their podcasts and how the brothers have become so successful with it

[4:00] The brothers discuss how crucial their relationship is to the success of their podcast and how creating a friendly atmosphere is essential

[11:02] The brothers chat about their passion for sports and go into detail about the NFL in particular and what they have learnt about it

[17:00] Oscar and Angus chat about guests they would love to have on their show including athletes such as Usain Bolt and they chat about how important it is to be ambitious in the podcasting industry

[27:09] The boys discuss their relationship from childhood, their father’s amazing work ethic and how this helps through their ventures now

[54:20] The brothers detail the intricacies of podcasts for any individuals interested in the podcasting world.

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