Mets wraps up his latest Vegas trip and tells us a bit about why the States is one of his favourite places to visit. He also discusses the tragic events of the 2017 Vegas Massacre and the importance of speaking out against gun violence.


[2:20] “I agree - not enough Americans are speaking out against gun violence”

[3:36] “Everytime I go overseas - I look to learn and how I can service people better in the fitness industry”

[4:06] “Just a smile and acknowledging people helps the next person”

[7:00] “Titan Fitness is known for its service”

[15:30] “It’s the effect that you have on others - that’s the greatest currency you can give”


[2:00] Mets begins the podcast looking at the horrific events of the recent Vegas shooting

[3:00] Mets moves on to discuss how his trips to America allow him to learn more about how he can serve his members better from leaning about customer service and value you get through the fitness industry in the States

[4:32] Mets talks about the amazing customer service he gets at Joe’s Seafood and Grill and why they still have the same employees year after year

[7:19] He then delves into how the Titan Team can develop and learn from his experiences in the States

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