Mets meets Australian Vice Captain cricketer David Warner to discuss his rise to the top and how he aims to inspire youngsters to continue red ball cricket.


[2:40] “It’s another string to my bow that I’ve added to my training routine” [7:53] “One of my greatest strengths was that my parents never forced me into anything, they gave me constructive feedback and I got on with it”

[12:01] “Don’t always dwell on the negatives”

[14:11] “The hardest work is training, the easy part is going out to the field to play”

[19:30] “The challenge now is to keep working harder when we get into preparation mode”

[21:20] “The generation before still has the hunger to keep playing” [25:50] “You can’t teach confidence, you have to have it”


[0:23] David starts by talking about his recent win with New South Wales

[2:09] David discusses his new found interest in long distance running and dynamic weights

[4:20] David chats about his childhood and his journey to becoming an extremely talented cricketer

[11:10] Mets and David go into depth with how important a positive mindset is throughout David’s cricket career while spending time away

[15:31] David speaks about he’s started to focus on learning more and finding interests outside of cricket

[17:40] David and Mets discuss the Ashes and the significance of the event between England and Australia

[22:30] David talks about encouraging red ball ticket and how important it is for experienced cricket players to inspire youngsters

[24:50] Finally, David discusses how to gain confidence in the game and everyday life

You can find David on Instagram @davidwarner31

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