A Friday wrap up with Mets. The focus of the Titan Muscle and Mind podcasts is mindset because your mind is what helps you through all your obstacles in life. Mets talks about the TItan Fitness story and how things started out and just how hard it was at times in the early days. Being in your early twenties and wanting to socialise while running a business had its challenges. He talks about how they spread word about the business without any marketing. He discusses why Titan Fitness is more than a gym with the best equipment, a strong core and an amazing team.

[2.30] Mets shares how hard it would have been without the support they had and that things wouldn't have worked out so well without it.

[4.00] Mets shares how the early days have taught him about the importance of building relationships and good customer service and how it is now reflected in how he builds his team.

[6.00] Mets talks about the changes from the first gym in Rockdale to the current Titan Fitness in Coogee and the challenges

[7.00] Mets talks about the advertising they did before social media and with no marketing budget and no marketing experience.

[9.10] “We don’t only evolve as a gym, our team evolves, as individuals we improve” The Titan Fitness team is focused on growth and as the team grows so will the gym and facilities.

[12.05] “Focus on the impact you want to have on your customer” Mets shares his one piece of advice for someone who wants to start a gym

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