Mets talks about the importance of decision making regardless of whether the decision is right or wrong. Decision making requires discipline as it is not easy. The hardest part is confronting the the problem and taking responsibility for the backlash that is caused from the decision made.

Every decision Mets has ever made has always worked out for the better despite how hard the decision was to make or how hard it was to act upon. He advises to make sure the decisions that you make are made when you are calm and not in the heat of the moment. He also speaks about adding in an element of empathy into your decision making and making sure it is the best decision for everyone involved.

Nothing that Mets has ever achieved has come easy. It has come from taking action, hard work, discipline, being accountable, making decisions whether he is ready or not, and repetitive decision making. Mets wraps up the episode by reminding us that decision making will not win you a popularity contest, it is not about instant gratification but is instead about working towards a more long term and bigger picture.

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