Mets talks to Jenna, who previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry across superfoods and weight loss products about inflammatory foods to avoid. Jenna shares her own experience and why gut health is so important. They discuss 6 foods to avoid and the importance of changing up our diets to ensure we don’t create intolerances. Eating a balanced diet is important. They discuss the keto diet, its challenges and ketone supplements. Jenna shares her experience with the vegan diet and why she didn’t keep it up. What is carb back loading and how important is carb timing? They also talk about stress and how it can inhibit fat loss.

[0.30] Jenna shares her story and where her health and fitness journey began.

[2.03] 6 foods that cause gut issues

[2.15] MSG, what is it?

[2.47] Why does corn have an inflammatory effect on our body?

[2.25] Refined sugars

[3.35] Soy

[4.00] Food intolerances and how we’re causing them in our children

[4.20] Why we recommend our 40 day challenge members cut out packaged processed foods

[5.40] The importance of getting your gut health in check

[6.30] We need to change up our diets and prevent ourselves creating intolerances.

[8.20] Jenna talks about a 10 day reset and the benefit of it

[9.00] Keto diet and its challenges

[11.20] Vegan diet

[13.30] Carb backloading and carb timing.

[14.50] Sleep, stress and cortisol

[16.00] HIIT training and overtraining, particularly in women.

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