Mets and Jenna chat about why Titan started the Fit 40 Challenges that have transformed thousands of lives. Why these challenges are so good and why each challenge is better than the previous one. They discuss what sets the Titan Fit 40 day challenge apart from other challenges out there. Jenna talks about why she came to Titan Fitness and the move away from people wanting a quick fix and why there is a move towards long lasting, sustainable results. It's not just any challenge, its an environment and a community. The reason that people do challenges year long and also, why the team at Titan always have an open mind and are ready to learn continuously.

[0.58] Jenna talks about why she came to Titan Fitness and a shift in her beliefs

[4.56] The “why” of our challenges

[7.06] A message Mets has for all our challengers and why just doing one isn’t enough.

[9.20] Progress not only in our challenge but also within the Titan team

[11.05] The holistic approach of our challenges.

[12.09] Mets shares the importance of environment and relationships

[16.50] “We’re going to save people money by making better choices”

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