February 28, 2018

Mets sits down with Julius and chats about why he came on board at Titan Fitness. They discuss an honest conversation they had a few months back. They talk about the work ethic Julius has and how hard he works. They discuss mindset and the importance of it. They highlight what sets our challenges apart from other ones out there. Helping people is the fuel for our fire.

[3.15] The habit loop

[4.30] Honest and open conversations and the importance of them

[5.45] The importance of the right environment

[9.45] Environment and why the environment you’re in matters so much

[13.10] Developing leadership skills and the hard side of it and the work that goes on in the backend

[16.13] “Every high performer has eaten shit”

[17.20] It’s not about being the most talented, its about being the hardest worker

[18.47] “We’ve a team dedicated to support, we do everything from scratch, because we cater to our customers”

[20.40] What does 2018 have in store for Jules?

You can find Julius on instagram @jujufilms

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