Mets discusses why he fights for the Titan brand and what makes it so special


[1:29] “You have to have big audacious goals if you want to wake up in the morning and deal with the challenges and the setbacks”

[5:09] “Your vision and mission is what you should drive towards and you should get up every morning pushing yourself to have that impact”

[7:13] “Everyday is a day to fight to become better at what you want to become good at”

[9:50] “It’s important to know none is more valuable that’s pushing towards their mission”

[11:10] “Don’t bow down to your goals, rise up to them”


[1:01] Mets talks about the early days of Titan Fitness and the challenges and obstacles him and his family had to overcome

[1:49] Mets discusses Titan’s involvement with Save Our Sons - a charity that supports young men affected with DMD

[4:40] Mets chats more about his childhood and his family and how important they are to the brands development

[11:00] Met’s chats about his vision and how he wants to overcome more challenges for the good of the brand

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