Mets chats to Andrew Zarounas the part owner of Aeromic. They discuss their passion not only for their products and brand, but their passion for service and offering the best service they can. Titan Fitness have been using Aeromic for 20 years. They discuss what sets them apart from other brands and Andrew’s journey to where he is now. They talk about change and being prepared for it, even the unexpected ones.

[1.40] Andrew shares his story from working for a brand to becoming an owner and the importance of passion and customer service.

[4.20] Andrew talks about what sets Aeromic apart from the competition

[8.00] They discuss the changes in both business and product over the years with the changes in technology, taking on feedback and social media.

[13.00] They discuss education and accountability in the longevity of the products

[16.40] “It’s not just about the mics”

[17.59] “You want to work with people that you know and trust and like”

[19.30] Mets shares a tough week he had and what he learnt during that week

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