Mets catches up with James Cant and they discuss the importance of nutrition. They’re going to discuss the keto diet, intermittent fasting and where they fit in. Also go into the details of his comp and how much weight he has gained since then.

[1:28] “That rant on facebook you had, you made a lot of sense.”

[1:34] “I studied medical science which is where I got my science background. I was actually a massive nerd in uni.”

[2:32] “Lets get into anti - aging.”

[2:38] “What are some of the things that us as individuals, like in a fitness centre like this and people in your community. What are some of the fundamentals they have to do right to get to that?”

[3:05] “Everytime your body gets damaged, your body ages just a little bit and it’s that continual process of cellular damage.”

[3:19] “We should theoretically be able to live longer.”

[4.16] “The most important thing to do is to look after your digestive system.”

[4:39] “One of the biggest causes of aging is the inability to dispose of the glucose properly.”

[6:06] “Literally stop eating bad food, that’s the easiest thing.”

[6:19] “When you go overseas, your gut microbiome will automatically change.”

[6:42] “A lot of people think Coke Zero and Diet Coke is alright, where’s that within the system, is it bad?”

[9:03] “What about dairy?”

[9:20] “For me, dairy is a killer.”

[10:33] “What about when we are eating food, like pesticides that’s in our vegetables and fruits. How does that play a role, can you wash it well enough?”

[13:42] “Anti - aging has a lot to do with consuming the right foods.”

[14:21] “You’re an online coach and I’ve come to you with a few issues, hormonal issues, I’ve had some gut issues, weight issues that i haven’t been able to lose. Like where do you take me from there?

[15:32] “What sympathetic dominance is…”

[15:39] “The parasympathetic is what allows you to rest, it allows you to chill out. It improves blood flow to your organs…”

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