Amelia Bros has been a Personal Trainer for 8 years and has recently made the move over to Titan Fitness. As described by Mets, Amelia is ‘a medley of fitness’ and is a qualified instructor in everything from spin to HIIT to pilates! The podcast focuses on the overall health benefits of pilates for your body and how it has helped Amelia and Mets.


[0:46] “The first interview we did was on the spin bike!”

[2:01] “Pilates is the foundation for all of the little muscles that hold the big muscles together”

[3:29] “To be consistent is always important, if you did pilates maybe twice a week and focused on your movements you could easily see results after 2/3 months”

[07:01] “Yoga is about realising things internally not just externally”

[7:51] Josef Pilates created pilates in order to help soldiers after the war get back to their way of life and gain a better lifestyle after having massive injuries.

[8:05] “Pilates movements are made to help you have a better lifestyle”

[9:53] “I love any high-intensity exercise”

[12:49] “Keep your body moving, muscle memory is essential for life”

[14:58] “By doing pilates you’ve got a longer chance to train”


[0:47] Mets and Amelia chat about her entry into Titan Fitness and their first interview during a spin class.

[2:32] Amelia discusses how pilates has helped her lower back injury and how good it is for core strength and the little muscles that are regularly unactivated during other forms of exercise.

[4:56] Amelia talks about how quickly you’d see results after a few sessions of pilates a week and the changes you’d notice in your body and it’s flexibility. She also chats about how pilates is good for mind to muscle connection and thus helps a lot when lifting weights and in other forms of exercise.

[07:56] They discuss they scientific benefits of pilates and how the movements were created in order to help injuries and for rehabilitation.

[10:01] Amelia chats about the type of training she prefers and how she favours functional movement over other classes.

[13:12] Mets and Amelia chat about importance of trying a range of training for the body and mind.

[14:56] Amelia finishes by stressing the importance of pilates in order to maintain physical health in the body.

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