In this episode of Titan Muscle and Mind Mets catches up with Chris Cavallini. Chris is the CEO of Nutrition Solutions and 4 x Forbes featured entrepreneur.

We chat about self-development, the ultimatum that changed the path of Chris’ future and what helped him avoid the slippery slope he was on.

[00:40] Mets highlights that Chris is a perfectionist and talks about his prep before a seminar they both talked at in Las Vegas.

[2:27] Mets says the level they felt in Vegas was 100X and not 10X and how hard it is to get to that level.

[3:50] “I really fucking care” – Chris. He talks about why he cares and why he wants to help other people improve.

[4:20] Chris tells us about his unorthodox upbringing and the trouble he got in as a child “I wasn’t a good kid, I was a shit head”

[7:00] Chris tells us about the ultimatum he was given that lead him to joining the military.

[8:00] “You are a byproduct of not only the people you surround yourself with but the environment you surround yourself with”

[9:00] “I quit my job in the strip club to become a drug dealer”

[10:30] Chris tells us that his friend going to prison was the wakeup call he needed.

[11:40] Chris felt and believed he was put on this earth to make a difference so he started to work on becoming a better human being and doing something he could look back on with pride.

[13:00] Chris talks about how he started his company and how it wasn’t the traditional start up, how it’s grown and improved. 

[14:30] Chris tells us about 2015, a very low point and tough part of his life where he was arrested for charges from his previous life that he had now left behind. He vowed that he would one day be featured in Forbes magazine.

[19:00] Chris tells us about his morning process.

[21:00] We talk about the importance of goal setting and documenting your goals. 

[23:00] We talk about having the right people around you. How you find out 'who is about the shit' and 'who is full of shit'.

[24:00] We talk about the importance of actually caring about the people around you and the people in your team. Chris talks about helping people dominate their goals and grow. Helping people is one of his core values.

[27:30] Chris tells us about how he neglected his own health, didn’t go to the doctor and how it backfired on him.

[33.00] Mets and Chris discuss gut issues and the importance of gut health.

[39:00] Mets asks Chris what he says to people who make excuses.

[44:00] “Simple things are the hardest to fix”

[44.15] Mets asks Chris how long he spends on personal development.

[46:20] “The key to happiness in life is progress”

[47:40] Mets talks about 'how readily available knowledge is in today's world'

[49:00] Mets asks Chris what advice he would give to people that want to be successful.

[49:50] Chris and Mets talk about how self-improvement and self-development is continuous journey.

[50:40] Winners are always trying to get better. 

[52:30] Exceed expectations. Do more than what you’re paid to do.

[55:00] Obsession and insanity is required to make a change.

[57:00] Chris talks about how the education system gives us the mindset to become 'average'.

[1:00:00] Mets asks Chris to tell us about his passion – his company – Nutrition Solutions. He asks why it’s going to be the biggest meal prep company in the world.

[1:05:00] Chris talks about the problems with obesity.

[1:06:00] Chris talks about how 'what you put in your body and how it makes you feel is more important than how you look'. 

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