[00:42] “You’re the most talked about member here at Titan Fitness” - Mets

[1:11] “I think I trained most of my life” – Don shares with Mets where his training first began back in the war and how he got hooked on it and the benefits it’s had for him

[2:33] Don first went overseas in the 70’s and still goes away now.

[3:37] “I just like playing sport and training” – Don

[4:03] “If you want to live long just stay away from the wife” – Mets

[4:15] Mets asks Don about his diet

[5:00] Don bought his first tub of ice cream the other day for the first time since he can remember

[5:33] “I always had vegetables” – Don

[6:40] “Back in your day were a lot more people into recreational training?” Mets and Don chat about the distractions that are there now that weren’t there before

[7:20] Mets and Don chat about his work background, from office boy, to working in the army to being a panel beater and then how he went back to night school at 40 and then on to Uni and then started working in the bureau of statistics for 28 years.

[11:00] “I came to this gym, I did a class and I got hooked on it” Don tells us why he loves doing HIIT classes here and how he’s inspired and motivated by having people around him training.

[11:40] “Do you recommend people in their 70’s keep training?” – Mets. Don shares why he thinks people are crazy if they let old age stop them being active

[12:40] “It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years” – Don. When Mets asked for one bit of advice Don says if you keep training then your life keeps going.

[13:30] People think Don is mad that he gets up at 5am to come to the gym but he loves getting it done first thing in the day.

[14.20] Mets asks Don if everyone in his family is fit and Don tells us how he’s the baby.

[16:00] “Did you know that you’ve made such a big impact on the members here at Titan Fitness?” – Mets. Don has had people tell him he’s an inspiration but he doesn’t think it’s a big deal, he just thinks it is, and it should be, a normal thing to do.

[17:40] “What advice would you give anyone out there right now that wants to live a fulfilled life?” – Mets

[17:50] “Just look after yourself, and exercise and don’t think that you can just go through life by not doing anything to help yourself. You need to help yourself to enjoy your life.”

[18:20] “Enjoy the journey” – Mets

[19:00] “The harder you work, the luckier you get” – Mets