[0:19] Mets and Kris cha about the history of their relationship and how they’ve been friends since 2004 when they met in Titan Fitness Rockdale.

[1:40] Chris tells us a brief history of himself. He’s Welsh and left in the nineties to get away from partying, drugs & alcohol. He studied international health studies in Uni as his ticket out of that situation. He found he could retain the information easily because he’s passionate about it.

[3:20] Kris did promo work in his spare time and started his first business doing mobile personal training. Saved everything he had until he bought his own gym.

[4:00] Once he opened his own gym he soon realsized that he had overheads, worked all day, every day and decided to start writing then. He taught himself how to write and then decided to sell everything and move to the US.

[6:00] He then got an opportunity to train a Bollywood actor in India so moved over there and gained a huge amount of exposure and spent almost 4 years in India. Then when he was able to move back to the US he did and started Cage muscle.

[7:00] “You talk about no excuses and you haven’t had things go your way” – Mets

[7.30] “You work hard and make no excuses” would it have been easy to throw in the towel? What made you not give up? - Mets

[8:00] Kris tells us how he had over 100,000 dollars stolen from him.

[8:30] Kris was tracking macros but not looking at the ingredients and micro nutrients. His environment had a negative effect on his health.

[9:30] He does video series not for financial gain. He does it to help others. He kept reminding himself that he had been in worse jobs.

[10.40] “The voices in your head aren’t in your head” - Kris

[11:20] Mets chats about the huge transformations Kris is known for and how amazing they are. “How has that impacted you?”

[12:00] “I try not allow it sink in. I don’t like accolades. I’m so humble. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to get soften on the sides” - Kris

[14:00] “You’re a massive introvert” – Mets. Kris tells us how it is important not to look for your happiness within others.

[15:00] “You don’t allow anything from the past to hold you back. How much of a believer are you in live in the right now?” - Mets “I live for today and whatever I do today will dictate tomorrow” - Kris

[15:30] “I never look back at the past” -Kris

[16:00] “Once it’s done, its done” - Kris

[16:22] “My purpose is to continue to evolve myself” – Kris talks about how he is evolving and looking at health and looking past just looking good and improving health and performance.

[18:00] Mets and Kris chat about Cancer and how it seems to be more and more prevalent and the statistics on mental illnesses too.

[18:50] It’s our environment causing the spikes in our mental and physical diseases. There is marketing and sales everywhere. It’s trying to sell to you and slowly killing you.

[19:30] “Obesity is the biggest terrorist act in the world and it’s slowly killing us” - Kris

[20:00] Mets & Kris speak about how we’re constantly exposed to marketing even when online and in the house and that this is the start of every health problem that we’re all going to have.

[20:50] Kris shares what he does to try and keep his environment and what he puts in his body to try and control it.

[22:30] Kris talks about why he started focusing on gut health and how he’s feeling after a couple of years focusing on gut health.

[24:00] Mets talks about how a gut issue can cause depression and anxiety and the effect that processed foods are having on us and the issues kids are having at a younger age.

[25:20] They chat about the importance of sleep and the implications of not getting enough

[26:50] The conversation moves to blue light exposure and EMF. People are dependent and addicted to their phones.

[28:20] “You were that guy that never stopped” – Mets.

[29:20] People are getting fed the wrong information. It’s important to not just look at what is being said, there’s an importance to look for what else is out there.

[30:20] Kris talks about his change from trying to build muscle to now consuming fewer meals, less protein and doing intermittent fasting to lose a bit of muscle. He’s looking for balance.

[31:40] Looking good and feeling good on the inside is the aim like Murat. Aim is to look like bodybuilders and be healthy at the same time.

[33:00] It should be a lot different to how it currently is. There needs to be a bigger focus on gut health. Longevity is the goal.

[34:00] Mets asks Kris why Kaged muscle is so different to other supplement companies.

[35:00] So many consumers are buying in to marketing and not quality supplements because supplement companies are spending all their money on marketing and not the product and the ingredients that go into it.

[36.30] The goal is to put out authentic information to help those that don’t know where to turn to get the right information.

[38:00] You can’t please everybody and you’re going to get hate on socials. There is no getting away from it.

[38:30] “who wants to stay the same?” – Mets & Kris talk about the importance of continuing to evolve and change

[39:30] Mets asks Kris about his plans for Gethins gyms. Does he plan to expand outside of India?

[42:00] Mets ask Kris why he moved into Triathlons and they chat about the importance of cardio.

[44:00] Kris and Mets chat about stem cell therapy

[45:20] Mets ask Kris about his Mindset during a marathon that took 16 hours

[49:20] “What take away can you give someone from this podcast?”- Mets “Being prepared for all eventualities and focusing on consistency. You need to find a way to control your environment to stay committed to the path you’ve chosen. Focus on your commitment because your word means everything.” - Kris

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