Find out why the guys started The Titan Muscle and Mind Podcast and why they chose to go into it together.

Learn about TMAM co - host Clayton and his role at EHP Labs and how he is excited to go ahead on this journey with the host Mets and share what he’s been up to take you all along on this journey.

Julius, who is just an ordinary 25 year old kid. With a passion for media, fitness and videography and is always open to learning new things. We will be learning more about Julius in EP #5.

Mets, who has been in the business for 21 years. He is almost 41 years old and has spent the better half of his life in the Fitness Industry. Titan Fitness has been a major factor in his life.

Meeting Clayton and Julius has been huge for him, having that instant connection. They are all learning so much from each other as they all in the fitness industry, just in different aspects of it. Mets points out how they are the next generation, he is learning how business is changing from an online perspective, how you work with and leverage off like minded people.

The purpose of Titan Muscle and Mind Podcast is in the name, getting people healthy not only physically but mentally as well. 

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