August 16, 2017

Who is Julius Dimataga?

Julius say the first 3 seconds of any video is most important, as that is the attention span of our community now for all platforms, from instagram, facebook, youtube, even snapchat.

You really need to capture the audience, to add with the visual, you have to have something educational, inspirational or even motivational just to keep their attention and keep them coming back for more.

Especially with the industry that we are in, people want quick answers. Influencers on instagram are posting quick short workouts. Just so people have ideas to follow, from recipes to workout videos.

With the technology we now have, it’s so easy for people to make their own content. iphones these days can make exceptional videos. Everyone is pretty much a content creator.

We also find out how Julius is working with brands and how he manages to work with them as the videographer and executing the vision they are after as sometimes they are not 100% sure and as the videographer it is up to him to form a storyline for them.

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