Mets and Clayton sit down with Northern Beaches local and owner of Muscle Republic Apparel, Vic Gigliotti. Listen to Vic's story, who comes from a Real Estate background turned his passion for fitness into his pursuit to becoming the best activewear label in the world.

So you want to start or build a T - shirt company?

[2:05] “I did my fist comp and sort of transformed my life in 2012”

[2:15] “ Part of our business, which everyone would know that’s aware of Muscle Republic is that my dog is the CEO Charlie Brown.”

[2.23] “We found a dog shop, called Dog Tail in Seminyak on a Legiyong I think it is in Bali and we bought young Charlie at the time about 6 dog jumpers that cost me $30 each.”

[2:45] “We pulled over onto the side of the street and I bought Bintang singlet for $6 for a bot of a souvenir. A couple of mates that I was with said, how can they possibly make this and sell it for $6 because we could sell this for $40 in Australia.”

[3:05] “My friend said to me I should make my own, as a bit of a bet”

[4.47] “I made these muscle tess at the time, as I loved training in them. It just happened at the right time. The trend and fashion was leaning towards Muscle Tees in 2013, it was a street wear thing.”

[5.05] You couldn’t find the right fit, that was the one issue I was going through. I was going to Rebel to buy my apparel and I just couldn’t find anything that fitted me perfectly and i thought i would just make my own.”

[5.35] “I was probably at my worst when I was bodybuilding, I hit rock bottom. I had no personal assets, no money in the bank, living paycheck to paycheck. I had to move back in with my parents.”

[6.20] “I didn’t realise at the time that I was always complaining about things, very ungrateful.”

[6.26] “I had to hit rock bottom in order to realise I had to make changes. I woke up one morning saying enough is enough, I’m going to come back.”

[6.35] “Part of that journey was actually getting my dog. So I had something to put my energy in.”

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