In this episode Jules and Mets discuss why your new year's resolutions are failing and what needs to be done in order to Succeed. It takes 66 days to create new habits and 18 months to reinforce these habits. Mets believes that when you are comfortable, that you are moving backwards. Succeeding in your new year's resolutions takes hard work, consistency and courage.

The most important thing that people have to be aware of is being accountable and taking ownership over their lives instead of blaming others. Jules believes the reason why people fail is due to setting goals that are too big and almost unrealistic. Mets elaborates further by discussing how important your environment is in achieving our goals and habits. You have to over commit, take a good hard look at yourself, observe the people at the top, be obsessed, push yourself to the limit but most importantly believe in yourself. Mets makes a point that people underestimate the amount of hard work it takes to succeed and that you really only fail when you quit so if you keep picking yourself and focus on progression then you are well on your way to News Years Resolution Success.

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