Classes - Meditation

Our Titan Meditation class is where you go to be taken on a journey to calm and focus the mind after a stressful week of work.

The class is suitable for anyone at any age or experience level. 

We met with Tom our meditation teacher to discuss what his classes consist of and why you should look to integrate meditation into your everyday life..

What is meditation?

Meditation is the practise of training in awareness and gaining a healthy sense of perspective within day to day life. Meditation aims to encourage and develop concentration, clarity and improve your overall mindset.

What can I expect during a meditation class?

I will take you through some guided meditation and breathing exercises in order for you to be more present. You will learn techniques to both sooth and relax your body and mind, gain greater concentration and give you an overall happier and more content mindset. The class aims to equip you with a take home practise so you are able to enjoy the benefits of regular meditation all week.

Any advice for beginners to the class?

Bring loose, comfortable clothes and a yoga mat to sit or lay down on. 


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