Classes - Stretch

Our Titan Stretch class offers an opportunity to stretch your muscles and improve flexibility in your joints and muscles to aid recovery after workouts.

Stretching regularly will help increase flexibility, endurance and can also help prevent injury by creating balance in your body.

What is Titan Stretch?

Our Titan Stretch class is purely devoted to aiding muscle recovery and improving flexibility and fluidity in your joints and muscles. Our classes will consist of a range of movements and stretches designed to create longer, leaner muscles and increase flexibility in all areas of the body. 

Why is it beneficial?

Stretching is essential for all humans, but particularly for any of those doing weight training or anything high-intensity. The strain we put on our bones and muscles during weight training means that injury can easily occur if we are not properly stretched out and the muscles relaxed. Stretching is so imperative as it improves your body's range of motion and the flexibility of your joints.

STRETCH: 30 mins

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