Titan Staff - Jazmin Leary

Jazmin is a qualified sports coach from England. She is passionate about nourishing the body with whole foods and good nutrition. She believes nutrition is key in being fit and healthy from the inside out. Jazmin is a firm believer in positivity and believes mindset is pivotal to achieving goals.


Favourite Workout: Squat and overhead press – great functional exercise that works legs, shoulders and core

Favourite Cheat Meal: I love breakfast! Eggs, avocado, smoked salmon, greens! High fat and protein! Yum! Go-to snack would be raw carrots and avocado or a handful of raw cashew nuts and protein smoothie

Dream Getaway:  Cyprus with my family

Pick Me Up Quote:  “Aspire to inspire”

Where To Find Me:  @jazminleary on instagram

Jazmin Leary