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Titan Staff - Leesa Pech

Leesa has a background in Psychology and is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at UNSW. She is fascinated (and often overexcited) by the effects of exercise on mental health, ageing, human neurophysiology and neurorehabilitation. Leesa is a strong advocator for the concept of ‘exercise is medicine’ and feeds the fire in her belly when she is educating others as well as learning and exploring new philosophies.

Nickname: Pechy, Peachy, THE PECH

Favourite Workout: Weight training and yoga

Favourite Cheat Meal: Anything and everything potato (you are what you eat)

Dream Getaway: Lord Howe Island

Pick Me Up Quote: “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Where To Find Me:  @leesapech on Instagram

Leesa Pech