Membership - Platinum

Our ultimate and most exclusive membership… $30 Per Week

Titan Platinum not only gives you unlimited and unrestricted access to all our facilities and classes. But also the privilege of 10% off all supplements, merchandise and 25% off TitanFit40 Challenges! Furthermore, you will receive a free training session with the CEO of Titan Fitness himself, Mets Analin. We will also throw in a free Evolt body scan when you sign up to scientifically measure your body fat percentage and muscle mass.

Get the most out your gym membership!

Your Titan Platinum membership will include:
  • Full access to all our gym facilities including over 4 levels of first-class fitness machinery, Fitness on Demand and two saunas! 
  • Unlimited access to over 80 classes per week 
  • 25% off all TitanFit40 Challenges 
  • 10% off all our supplements and merchandise 
  • 30 minute sports massage with the Wright Physio 
  • Gym starter pack including Titan backpack, towel and water bottle 
  • Includes a 21 day Titan Training and Nutrition Plan 
  • Free Evolt body scan 
  • 8 weeks freeze time 
  • $154 joining fee, $30 per week 
  • 12 month contract debited fortnightly