40 Day Transformation Challenge

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Our Titan Transformation Challenges equip you with not only the knowledge to achieve your fitness goals but also the support and motivation you need to gain the lifestyle you deserve.

So far, we have helped an extraordinary amount of people make necessary and incredible changes to their lives. Not only do all of our challenges help you with your short term goals of losing body fat or gaining muscle. But they also provide you with the knowledge to retain your results and evolve your life into a more healthy and fulfilling one!

We focus on long term sustainable results and not just a quick fix.

All of our Transformation Challenges include an easy-to-follow nutrition plan, a tailored fitness program for your individual goals, evidence of your results with an Evolt Bodyscan before and after AND 24/7 support in a private Facebook group.

  • Detailed 40 day Training plan tailored to suit you 
  • How to sessions on the gym floor with challenge personal trainers 
  • Exercise video library 
  • Additional bonus workouts to change up your routine 

  • 40 day nutrition guidance 
  • Two nutrition approaches 
  • Personalized macro nutrient breakdown (Optional) 
  • Over 40 sample meal suggestions 
  • Portion size guidance 
  • Meal Planning guide 
  • Supplementation recommendations 

  • Step by step guide to goal setting 
  • Gratitude journal 
  • Guide to better sleep 
  • Trainer support and motivation 

Tracking and Accountability
  • Consultation with Challenge trainer at start and end of the 40 days 
  • Progress photos (Optional) 
  • Before and after girth measurements 
  • Before and after Evolt 360 body composition scan 
  • Weekly accountability check in email 

  • 24/7 support from your trainer 
  • Access to private Facebook community 
  • Online membership hub with exclusive content 
  • Weekly transformation class exclusive to challenge participants