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Tiny Titans Child Minding

Tiny Titans assists in making exercise for busy parents as productive and convenient as possible. We cater for children from 6 weeks up to 12 years of age. Children can enjoy playing with our highly qualified, friendly and professional child-minding staff while you have some time to yourself in the gym.

Single Sessions

1 Child 1.5 Hrs  $9.50
2 Children 1.5 Hrs $13.00
3 Children 1.5 Hrs $18.00
1 Child 2 Hrs $17.00
2 Children 2 Hrs $19.00


10 Packs

1 Child 1.5 Hrs  $95 (White)
2 Children 1.5 Hrs $130 (Green)
3 Children 1.5 Hrs $180 (Blue)
1 Child 2 Hrs $170 (Yellow)
2 Children 2 Hrs $190 (Orange)


Monday – Friday: 8.30AM – 12PM
Saturday: 8.00AM – 12.00PM
Public Holidays: Closed


Childminding Policy and Conditions

Users must be a Titan Fitness member (no casual visit guest) unless otherwise arranged. Children must be signed in and out of the childminding area by their parent or guardian. Parents/guardian must remain within Titan Fitness premises at all times while their child is in the childminding area. We strive to keep our childminding facilities safe and hygienic, so please do not bring your children to Tiny Titans if they are sick. It is not fair on either the childminder nor the other children and their parents. We do not want to offend parents by having to ask them to remove their children from the childminding area due to sickness. Parents/guardians are responsible for bathroom visits and nappy changes. If necessary you will be notified and asked to attend to your child. If you are providing your children with drinks please bring only water in a non-spill drink bottle clearly marked with your child’s name. No food is permitted in the childminding area due to food allergies. The childminding area has TV and video available, toys, blocks, books and chairs and tables for children to use. Must show proof of child’s immunisation history.

Call Us On: (02) 9665 4058 or click here to contact us via email