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Classes - Yoga

Yoga is a practise you follow to bring together the mind, body, spirit and heart.

All of our Titan Yoga classes focus on improving your breathing, body awareness, posture, flexibility and the calmness of the spirit. Our classes are designed to cultivate health and happiness through a greater sense of self-awareness and higher consciousness.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a practise that aims to bring about the union of the body, breath and mind in order to achieve internal peacefulness and clarity of mind. The benefits of yoga are endless and include improved posture and flexibility, building major core muscle strength and countless mental benefits such as clarity, concentration and focus. 

What to expect during a yoga class?

At Titan Fitness, we have three different types of yoga classes to cater to all of our members. Although the general principles of yoga practise remain the same throughout each class, all three of them differ in approach and what to expect.

Yoga Hatha - An all-round, balanced practise that's ideal for beginners. Hatha Yoga involves slower-paced movements and incorporates asana (poses), breathing techniques and meditation. 

Yoga Vinyasa - A more fast-paced class that focuses on building overall strength and flexibility through flowing poses, all in sync with your breathing. 

Yoga Yin - Yin is the opposite of Vinyasa and is essentially a much more slower-paced, meditative form of yoga. Poses are held for a much longer period of time to relax connective tissues and joints while keeping the mind calm and steady. 

* Your own mat is required

YOGA: 55 mins

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