Classes - HIIT 30 & 45

Our Titan HIIT classes are guaranteed to make you sweat and give your body a full and intense workout! 

Our most popular classes, the TITAN HIIT 30/45 are ideal for those focusing on fat-loss and increasing their cardiovascular strength. These high-intensity interval training circuits incorporate functional training with plyometrics and bootcamp/military style exercises to recruit every muscle in your body.

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training is essentially a functional circuit class consisting of cardio and resistance-based exercises. The idea is that you pair up with a buddy and move from one exercise to another and attempt to work as hard as you can for a number of seconds (depending on how mean your instructor is!) and then move to the next exercise. You could be doing squat jumps for 40 seconds and then moving on to mountain climbers, every class is different but that's what makes it so fun and dynamic!

 What are the benefits of HIIT?

The benefits are honestly endless! Not only do you burn a huge amount of fat compared to what you could on a treadmill in the same amount of time. But HIIT is also amazing for maintaining a heathy functioning heart by reducing your blood pressure and increasing your metabolism and endurance! 

Can anyone do a HIIT class and what advice would you give to a beginner?

Of course anyone can do a HIIT class! Just let the instructor know at the start of the class if it is your first one, that way we can play close attention to you and cater any exercises to suit you and give help if you need it. None of the exercises we include in our HIIT classes will be advanced, but the aim is to push you to complete them intensely and get your heart rate up! You will be able to pace each exercise to suit you and your limits.


TITAN HIIT: Available in both 30 & 45 minute classes