Classes - Spin

Our Titan Spin class is an intense, indoor cycling workout designed to put you through the paces and is guaranteed to burn through body fat like there is no tomorrow! 

Take on the terrain with your Titan instructor who will lead you through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval courses.

Our top-of-the-range Matrix spin bikes have a display that allows you to monitor your resistance level and track your distance, rpm’s and even caloric burn!

We met with our dynamite instructor Tina Dufaur to discuss the endless benefits of spin and what to expect during one of our classes...

What is spin?

Spin is a form of high-intensity aerobic exercise that pushes you to your limit and burns an amazing amount of calories. If you're looking to shift unwanted body fat and get your heart rate racing, spin is most definitely for you! The class simply consists of a cycling workout on a stationary machine, the instructor will direct you on how to much resistance to apply and when to slow down or speed up.

What are the benefits?

In one of our classes, you can expect to burn anywhere between 400-600 calories... Need I say more! Apart from being a terrific calorie burner, spin classes will improve your strength and endurance and even aid you to build some major muscle.

Any advice for first-timers?

Just go for it! The amazing thing about spin is that riders of all abilities can take part and push themselves as much as they like. 

SPIN: Available in both 30 & 45 minute classes

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