Classes - Boxing

Our Titan Boxing class is an amazing cardiovascular, strength-training and stress-relieving workout for men and women alike!

What does the Titan Boxing class involve?

Our class incorporates metabolic conditioning and a number of beginner/intermediate boxing techniques including bag-work and pad-work. It's an ideal class for those who want to develop their core strength through a range of fast-paced and fun boxing drills! We also chuck in some shuttle-runs, abdominal exercises and stretching. It's a great full-body workout!

What are the benefits? 

Boxing not only burns calories, but will also improve your endurance, co-ordination and stamina as well of giving you the chance to let off steam at the same time!

Can anyone do a class?

Yes! Our classes are designed with everyone in mind. If you want to have fun, burn body fat and release some stress - this is the class for you!

* Your own cotton inners are required, boxing gloves are available to borrow

BOXING: 45 / 55 mins

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