Classes - Pilates

Our Titan Pilates class is a body-conditioning routine that helps to increase flexibility, creates long, lean muscles and enables you to become acutely in tune with your body and learn how to control its movement.

We caught up with our Titan Pilates instructor Amelia Bros to discuss the amazing benefits and what to expect during one of her classes..

What is pilates?

Pilates is simply a routine of controlled movements and stretches designed to build core strength, increase flexibility and lean muscle tone with a focus on lengthening the body and aligning the spine. Pilates is great for engaging the smaller stability muscles which are hard to engage through any other type of exercise, creating more balance in our body and preventing injuries.

What can I expect during a Titan Pilates class?

In our pilates class, the quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions. You will learn how to maintain a correct spinal and pelvic alignment enabling you to execute movements with maximum power and efficiency.

You will also learn proper breathing to relieve stress whilst improving coordination, balance and core strength.

Can anyone do pilates?

Pilates is for absolutely everyone and is an amazing way to improve posture and your mind to body/muscle connection!

*Your own mat is required.

PILATES: 55 mins

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